Bad Backlinks Removal

We analyze all your website backlinks and seggregate the list of low quality/unnatural backlinks. The list of these backlinks is then sent to you for review and once approved, we start our removal process. All our work is done manually helping our customers getting the most for their money.


$270/ one time cost
Please Select
  • Up to 500 Domains (unlimited links)
  • Initial and Final Report
  • Website Backlinks Analyzed using Ahrefs, Majestic SEO and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Time frame: 7 Business Days
  • Complete Process Documented: Contact Screenshots Included


$390/ one time cost
Please Select
  • Up to 1200 Domains (unlimited links)
  • Initial and Final Report
  • Disavow and Reconsideration Letter Included
  • Website Backlinks Analyzed using Ahrefs, Majestic SEO and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Time frame: 10 Business Days
  • Complete Process Documented: Contact Screenshots Included

Why Harmful Backlink Removal is Important?

We assume that most of you are already aware of the penalties associated with curtain types of backlinks and that is how you have been able to find us, but for those who are not, backlinks refer to the links that point to your website from another external domain. These backlinks used to help to rank your site higher for desired terms. Due to a lot of low quality SEO services a lot of spammy links were created over time. Google spam team had to fight back as more and more people learn how to reverse engineer its algorithms and rank sites quickly and economically. With the introduction of Panda and Penguin updates Google has become aggressive of such black hat technique that people use to manipulate their website ranking's to get more traffic, sales and leads. On the other hand, Google had to provide tools for small business to be able to get back its traffic, since they also realize that business owners that used those services did not mean harm to themselves. If you ever got a manual penalty or partial penalty message in Google Webmaster tools, you are in the right place. The backlinks removal work may just seem pretty simple but there is more to it than what people think. It is very important to analyze backlinks and provide a comprehensive report that will only include those spammy/unnatural links and eliminate any quality links from the removal. This is why we use some of the leading tools in the market to check each backlink value before deciding on taking action. Some of the tools we use includee Moz, Google Webmaster Tools, Ahrefs, etc. The recovery process of website ranking and traffic also involves a lot of other important factors like On Page Optimization, Creating Disavow file and Creating a Reconsideration Request. We offer full service solutions so that we can manage everything for you efficiently and so that you can recover from Google penalty or algorithmic updates as soon as possible.


Backlinks Analysis

We start with complete analysis of your website backlink profile using tools like Majestic Seo, SEOMOZ, Google Webmaster Tools and Ahref. We use several metrics to see all the links that can be classified as low quality/unnatural links.


Removal Requests

Upon completion of our contact information list we move to the actual link removal requests stage. At this time we communicate to the webmasters to ensure that the links we want to be removed are actually removed. This process is usually time consuming and requires up to 1-3 weeks.


Final Report

Once all communications are sorted out we check each link individually to see if it has been removed. At this time we produce our final report and send it to our customers.